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Dealing With High-Maintenance Relationships


What do board directors, investors, and the community all have in common? Other than a lot of power to influence the destiny of a company and its employees – they’re just people. With this deceptively simple, yet effective, outlook, Tamara Singh an independent think tank for central banking, economic policy, and public investment, manages to seamlessly maintain complex and rewarding high-maintenance relationships with not just one, but all three parties. In this podcast, she shares how you can do the same.


Tamara Singh

Former Head of Asia Pacific



Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • How Tamara develops and maintains relationships with board directors, investors and the community by understanding their purpose and motivations
  • Universal truths when dealing with influential people
  • Why keeping our personal values is vital in high-maintenance relationships

Hosted by Pippa Woodhead


Client Management Skills