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Choosing the Right Influencers (A 2-Part Podcast)

Mar 18, 2020 | 31m

You’ve brought in the most popular influencers in your country. Now, how do you measure the impact of their involvement? Alex Burgess shows you how to measure the relevance of an influencer and the various tools you could be used to assess their effectiveness.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

Episode 1 – Switch to Influencer Campaigns:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of influencer campaigns
  • Measuring the relevance of an influencer for a specific marketing campaign
  • How to control what influencers post and how they engage with the audience in relation to the campaign

Episode 2 – Platforms and Tools to Measure:

  • Which powerful platforms apart from Instagram you should explore in some countries
  • Resources to measure the effectiveness of the campaign
  • The future of influencer campaigns

Hosted by Regina Zhiyenkulova


Alex Burgess

Global Director of Client | Former Managing Director APAC

The Goat Agency



Influencer Marketing