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Adapting to Change, the Antidote to Fear & the REAL Blockbuster Story

May 15, 2024 | 53m

“It's how we respond to change that separates winners from losers.”

Jim Keyes’ ability to adapt to change is what’s seen him through not one, but two Fortune 500 CEO tenures - the first at 7-Eleven, where he successfully restructured and led the company to be the behemoth it is today. The second, at Blockbuster, which… well…. we all think we know what happened here, right?

He’s now authored a book "Education is Freedom" where he delves into the power of building knowledge and lifelong learning, and how this serves us as individuals but also society as a whole.

In this episode of Tiger Therapy, we cover:

  • Why the Blockbuster story we think we know isn’t what really happened
  • What growing up in poverty taught James about the power of mindset
  • The advice James would have given himself as a 20 year old
  • Jim’s trick for avoiding self-doubt and imposter syndrome
  • How knowledge is everything - and especially crucial in times of change, crisis and fear


James W. Keyes

7-Eleven | Blockbuster

Former CEO



Tiger Therapy