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Driving Change and Embracing Innovation in Corporate Learning: A Tale of Transformation

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The landscape of corporate learning is rapidly evolving, and companies are on the hunt for innovative ways to engage employees and foster a culture of continuous learning. In this blog, we'll take a deep dive into a fascinating conversation between Danielle, a fearless leader in Global Enablement & Education at Infor, and Nellie Wartoft, the trailblazing CEO of Tigerhall, a social learning platform. They explore the twists and turns of introducing new learning methods, the significance of communication and change management, and the key insights gleaned from adopting an innovative platform like Tigerhall.

Battling the Challenges of Implementing New Learning Methods:

Danielle's team faced the Herculean task of rolling out a fresh learning platform to a massive audience. They kickstarted the process by introducing the concept to leaders, granting them early access, and gathering valuable feedback. It quickly became apparent that over-communication was vital, as employees initially mistook the platform for spam. To tackle this, they used rave reviews from early adopters and reached out to rapid learners to gather feedback and make the necessary tweaks.

Key Takeaways from Adopting an Innovative Platform:

One of the main takeaways from adopting Tigerhall was the need for more succinct and laser-focused content. Danielle discovered that short, two-minute podcasts or livestreams were some of the most effective learning tools. The platform also sparked creativity within the company, with different departments considering how they could utilize the platform for their own needs, such as product updates, corporate communications, and town halls.

Feedback from Employees: The Verdict

Employees' response to the shiny new platform, Tigerhall, has been a resounding thumbs-up, with many appreciating the productivity boost from the more streamlined learning materials. The personalized experience and the ability to access learning on-the-go via their smartphones have also won them over.

Rallying the Troops - Getting Other Departments Involved:

Danielle's team serves as the master aggregator and curator for learning at their company. They manage requests and projects for Tigerhall, ensuring the quality and experience remain top-notch. Their ultimate goal is to find champions within the organization and grant them access to create their own learning experiences on the platform.

Three Actionable Steps for Driving Change:

  1. Identify a problem within your organization that could benefit from an innovative learning solution, whether it's an information, perception, or culture problem.
  2. Seek out champions within your organization who are passionate about learning and can help promote and implement new learning methods.
  3. Focus on creating succinct, digestible content that can be easily consumed and understood by employees, maximizing productivity and learning retention.

Embracing innovation in corporate learning can lead to a treasure trove of positive outcomes, such as increased productivity, employee engagement, and problem-solving prowess. By pinpointing organizational challenges, rallying internal champions, and focusing on creating compact, accessible content, companies can successfully conquer change and nurture a culture of continuous learning.

**Listen to the full livestream. **

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