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Level Up Employee Performance With Lessons From Asia’s Top Executives

Achieve your L&D goals by tapping into more than 450 of Asia’s business leaders or Thinkfluencers.

Why Businesses Use Tigerhall

Asia Specific Insights

Tigerhall’s Thinkfluencers have a track record of succeeding across Asia.

No boring instructors that are white American 50-year old males.

We provide your employees with learning content that helps them to succeed in their particular market.

Learning Tailored for Employees

Customise each learning experience to every individual – based on teams, markets, seniority levels, skills needs and goals

Develop bespoke learning interventions, based on insights from data across the different user groups

Hit the sweet spot between your employee’s needs and your organisation’s corporate learning goals.

One Platform for Internal and External Thought Leaders

Feature your own leaders next to Tigerhall’s Thinkfluencers

Help your employees learn the full picture – across your company, your industry, and from other industries

Enjoy a full suite of learning experience – host townhalls, livestreams, workshops and mentorship programmes inside the app

Merge Online and Offline Learning

No more scattered Learning & Development initiatives

Tie everything together into one continuous learning experience

From the every-day podcast during the commute, to the monthly private dinners with subject matter experts from other industries


Leave the boring admin tasks to us. We’ll onboard your entire organisation and get everyone started in no time.


Tigerhall is made for bottom-up learning. Uncover employee trends and pain points from your tailored user-friendly dashboard.

Employee Personalised Sessions

Let us know the pain points your employees face and we will organise a learning programme that gives them the tools they need to excel at work.


Reward your employees for showing ambition. Use plan upgrades and other features for employee engagement.

Achieve Success at Scale With Asia’s Most Successful People

CEOs | Regional Business Heroes | Role Models | Subject Matter Experts

Through Digital Experiences


Power Reads


and In-Person Experiences

Private Dinners and Lunches

Power Breakfasts

Group Mentoring Sessions

One-to-one Mentorship Sessions

Want to see Tigerhall in action?

This is what Tigerhall clients say

Last year, I was faced with a problem at work which nobody could really help me out with. I plugged into Tigerhall and Ted Osius (Google’s VP, Government Affairs & Public Policy, APAC) came to my rescue. I listened to his podcast “De-Escalating Conflicts During Intense Situations” and picked up advice that helped me to solve the issue. That’s what Tigerhall is for me – an app that helps me widen my world and gives me the solutions I need.

Aleksandra Hessel Senior Source Planner, Bosch

Tigerhall is a powerful learning tool which can be easily fitted into busy schedules in a modern hectic lifestyle. Apart from access to numerous podcasts and texts, the subscription gives a unique opportunity to meet the experts and likeminded members in real life over casual lunches/dinners and workshops.

Anna Goncharenko International Wealth Management, Credit Suisse

Tigerhall has been integral in my daily commute ever since I joined the community. The high quality, bite-sized podcasts gave me succinct and actionable insights into the minds of business tigers. I highly recommend Tigerhall to anyone who is looking to get more out of your career or grow your business.

Myron Ho Digital Marketing Strategist, Founder of Unigram

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