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Social Learning Fits Into Your Life

Not the other way around

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Over 1,500 actionable insights.

It’s learning from real successful people’s real experiences. In no other platform can you learn directly from 1000+ global business leaders and industry experts, and gain their insights first-hand, straight to your mobile phone.

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Outcome-Driven Learning Trails

The Tigerhall Learning Strategy Team builds out highly targeted trails, custom built for specific objectives. For example, making a sales team better with CXO interactions or making a group of leaders display more inclusive leadership behaviors.

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Hijack Micro–Moments

Micro-learning is here! Bite-sized content that's easy to digest for busy employees.

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Learn with your team.

Facilitate team learning journeys. Assign a specific group to complete a trail together, learn together, and discuss for hands-on peer-to-peer learning.

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1,000+ Thinkfluencers sharing insights.

It’s real. It’s raw. It’s authentic. Thinkfluencers are invitation-only, carefully selected based on real-world experience and expertise.

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Community feeds and discussions.

Social learning platform built for conversations between real people. Get a live feed of what’s happening in your organization, what the people you’re following are consuming, liking, and discussing.

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Instantly connect with Livestreams

Instantly share knowledge, go live with specific groups in one click. Like annual events, product releases, company all-hands, town halls, or fire-side chats.

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Learn on Mobile & Web

Learn wherever you want, however you want. Content and social features available via mobile and desktop browser.

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Curated Learning

With super targeted learning journeys for different audiences, such as by title or department, you can develop talent in a targeted and personalized way at scale.

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Real-time analytics and insights

Watch your engagement soar with Tigerhall. Avg adoption rate: 20-30% (Tigerhall: 80-90%) Average active users: 1-4% (Tigerhall: 30-40%)

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Thinkfluencer Micro-Mentorship

Book as little as 15 minute slots with the world's leading business experts. Ask one-on-one questions

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