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Developing Teams

How to Build Solid Post-Pandemic Teams

Jan 06 20217m min read


With the world still reeling from effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, organisations are confronted with an entirely new paradigm in which to do business. With resources scarce, top talent harder to find, and the shift to remote work, it’s time that organisations cut the clutter and focus on building lean, high-performing, resilient teams, argues Dhruv Vohra, Director of Digital Natives and Technology at Facebook. He offers a fresh take on the new normal and suggests radical ways in which you bolster your teams for the future of work.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • Why remote work demands that organisations change their approach to be successful
  • Dhruv’s list of five areas to re-evaluate as you lead your team into a post-pandemic world
  • Warning signs to look out for to ensure your team remains high-performing and more importantly high-integrity


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