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Knowledge Sharing Platform Tigerhall Raises US$1.8M Seed Funding

Singapore based mobile app, Tigerhall has raised US$1.8 million in seed funding, as it sets to disrupt the higher education sector.

The platform which launched on February 21st helps people achieve their career and lifestyle goals, whether it’s to become a leader at work, having financial freedom or specific knowledge for business and digital roles. Tigerhall members have access to bite-sized power reads and podcasts which they can access on the go, as well as in-person workshops, mentorship and private dinners with senior business leaders.

Tigerhall was founded by Nellie Wartoft after spending four years at Michael Page International, placing over 200 executives in regional roles, and where she was ranked in the top 3% of revenue generators at group level. Wartoft says, “time and time again I found a mismatch. My clients wanted to hire people ready to hit the ground running with the right skills and knowledge to work in today’s business world but struggled to find them. My candidates had fantastic looking CVs with education from the best schools but couldn’t get the jobs they studied for as they lacked the soft skills and relevant knowledge needed in the fast-changing business world. I created Tigerhall to bridge that gap.”

Tigerhall features Asia’s most successful people and provides the knowledge needed to get ahead in today’s workplace. Experts already include Head of Fixed Income at Bank of Singapore, Head of People at Grab, Vice Chairman of Edelman, Executive Director at UBS, Partner at Deloitte, the former President of AirAsia and Managing Director of DBS. Topics include how to manage a co-located workforce, managing a PR crisis on social media, launching products in emerging markets, handling poor performing staff, intrapreneurship, and even how to sack someone.

Investors who participated in the seed round include US-based strategic learning firm WDHB Inc, Singapore based asset management firm Paladigm Capital, and a senior banking executive in Singapore, as a private investor.

The lean team of just nine full-time employees are already roaring ahead with 10 new experts featuring on the app every week and new content published every day.
Tigerhall is available on App Store and Google Play and is free to download with a subscription to access all the content, events and private dinners with experts, starting from as low as 15 Singapore Dollars a month. Corporate subscriptions are also available.

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