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Better investment than an MBA

A Better Investment Than an MBA

Get that coveted professional network without the high price tag or time investment

Invest in Yourself With Social Learning

Productive use of wasted time

Make productive use of wasted time by layering in learning

thinkfluencers network

Network with powerful Thinkfluencers in real time

Turn ideas into actions

Turn ideas into actions. The more you try, the more you learn, the more business goals you achieve

The Experience of Social Media Brought to Professional Development

Personalized content on topics that are top of mind for employers today such as leadership, sales, data science, marketing, communications, and tech. You’ll also gain insights on topics that are important to you as an individual, including personal finance, wellness, and sustainability.

Progress tracking

Follow and engage directly with professional Thinkfluencers

Connect with a regional as well as global community with the same goals

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