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Managing Your Emotions & Energy

How to Stay Motivated on a Bad Day

Feb 13 202011m listen time


You sleep through your alarm, burn your toast, and then you’re running late for an important meeting - would this shaky start set the tone for the rest of your day? Zarina Lam Stanford, CMO at Syniti, argues that mindset is the most important skill you can master in your career. She shares how you can pick yourself back up when things go wrong, and to learn from rough moments - plus her unorthodox stress-busting routine.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • Tactics to help you ‘reset’ your mind and change the balance
  • How to conquer a negative downward thought spiral when nothing is going right
  • When to seek help and when to consider a job move if you’re having too many bad days

Hosted by Nadia JH


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