Building the C-SUITE of 2030

8 actionable insights
CXOs can use to nurture
their future crop of leaders

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Today’s virtual leaders are spending a lot more time growing and developing their teams than a year ago. Managing change, supercharging productivity and improving their team’s morale are at the top of their minds, and they want to learn from the best in the industry. This report provides C-level executives with the actionable steps they can take to nurture their current and future crop of leaders to not just survive, but thrive in a volatile business environment.

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Year-on-year increase in time spent upskilling this year than last year amongst leaders

> 50%

of leaders today want to learn from CXOs, including C-suite leaders themselves


That's the amount of additional time leaders are spending on consuming Podcasts versus readable formats

Motivating a distracted and dispersed workforce, driving transformation and identifying digital business opportunities — the demands placed on today’s leaders have intensified over the last year. But pre-pandemic data suggests that there is a lot more organisations can do to equip leaders with the skills required to navigate a turbulent period. A 2019 Deloitte report highlighted that although 86% of CEOs identified strengthening organisational leadership as a top priority, less than half of them felt that their organisation met this need.

As we approach the halfway point of 2021, this report provides a deeper understanding on how today’s leaders are seeking inspiration to thrive in a volatile environment by upskilling. We’ll be diving into Tigerhall data from Q1 of 2020 to Q1 of 2021 to investigate areas such as the content leaders have been spending time on, the kind of profiles they seek knowledge from, their preferred formats for learning, and more. The trends revealed in this report will give you the actionable insights needed to empower leaders with the tools to take your organisation to new heights over the next couple of years.

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"In a world of exponential innovation, it is easy to be taken by surprise. Organizations trapped by linear thinking may not notice the steepening exponential curve until it’s too late, and they’re left behind by more nimble competitors, natural learners. I appreciate the insights from this report because it’s clearly showing the growing need for top leaders to learn and stay ahead of the change curve. At the same time, it demonstrates that engaging new formats are emerging and that the way we consume information today is different than in the past. With podcasts probably being one of the leading formats, but at the same time we see a huge diversity in formats emerging which leads us into a very exciting future of learning fueled by our unwavering curiosity we all have."

Borko Kovacevic
Chief Operating and Marketing Officer
Microsoft Singapore

"In the present disrupting and complex environment, leadership development is no more an option but should be an urgent priority for organizations. The report gives insights about building an ecosystem for developing leaders. In addition to upskilling, the emphasis has to be on developing appropriate behaviours in managers at all levels that can inspire and engage people for positive business outcomes and personal satisfaction."

Dr Anil K Khandelwal
Former Chairman
Bank of Baroda

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