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Dr Kumar Iyer

Dr Kumar Iyer

Sustainable Strategy Mentor


Dr Kumar works in Sustainable Strategy. He is credited for introducing the concept of the Quadruple Bottom Line (QBL) as a sustainability paradigm, and has applied this process to several industries including manufacturing, healthcare, services, consulting, and consulting. Kumar’s diverse experience has seen him work across several sectors such as steelmaking, construction, consultancy and project management, manufacturing, customer support and design engineering. He believes that the idea of Sustainable Strategy will ensure profitability and longevity for any industry and insulate the organisation from external risk factors. He consults companies and nonprofits in these areas to ensure their survival.

By Dr Kumar Iyer

How to Convince People to Adopt Sustainable Practices
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Sustainability: Take Action

How to Convince People to Adopt ...

Dr Kumar IyerSustainable Strategy Mentor


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