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Subba Vaidyanathan

Subba Vaidyanathan

Co-founder & Chief Program Architect



After 30 years in a corporate career that spanned Asia and the Middle East, Subba left his Executive Leadership role to instead train corporate leaders and organisations to integrate mindfulness into their high-pressure lives. He has worked with thousands of people in the past 15 years. Informed by his 20 year long personal practice in yoga and meditation, Subba co-founded Sattvaa, a platform that helps people discover their unique purpose and live sustainably through mindfulness. Sattvaa’s green retreat centre BeingSattvaa is based in Bali and employs sustainable practices across all areas – serving plant-based food that is sourced locally, employing locals, using solar power, and recycling waste.

By Subba Vaidyanathan

Living Purposefully in a Concrete Jungle
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Personal Productivity

Living Purposefully in a Concret...

Subba VaidyanathanCo-founder & Chief Program ArchitectSattvaa


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