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Ankit Fitkariwala

Ankit Fitkariwala

Head of Investment Products

Paytm Money


Ankit is on an exciting journey of building Paytm Money, where he leads the Advisory Team. He endeavours to build the right products for retail investors so that they can create wealth over the long term. The majority of his job responsibility is to cater to the needs of every consumer by having an in-depth understanding of various financial products. Prior to this, Ankit spent 5 years in Indian equity markets with Jefferies a US-based investment bank, where he built up his expertise in equities and financial modelling. He has analysed financials of companies across various sectors such as building materials, utilities, and capital goods, for which he has received recognition from both foreign and domestic institutional clients. Ankit also previously worked for DBS in Singapore and Mumbai.

By Ankit Fitkariwala

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