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This is the story of Tigerhall.


Letter from the Founder

Driverless cars. Flying taxis. Quantum computing. The 2020s is set to be a decade rich with game-changing innovations that will transform the way we live. Yet certain industries — education in particular — have been left behind. Learning is meant to be fun, but the harsh truth is that the world has not progressed from classroom-type, sleep-inducing lessons delivered by uninspiring instructors who preach more than they practice. Universities have failed to equip professionals with the nous and knowhow required by employers to deliver strong business results. Corporate learning programmes are packaged into powerpoint slides or long, dry videos in the name of “going virtual”. What if learning could be as engaging as using Instagram or TikTok? What if the insights you pick up can help you make a real impact on the business and move you one step closer to that promotion? And what if your instructor is someone with decades of experience in your industry, and someone who you aspire to be in the future? Hi there. My name is Nellie Wartoft, and I’m the CEO and Founder of Tigerhall. I founded the company back in 2018 to help bridge the gap between credentialing universities provide and the know-how organisations require in their employees. Today, Tigerhall is a mentor media platform that enables professionals — regardless of their educational background or financial circumstances — to learn directly from more than 500 of the most successful people in industry through various formats. They include Private Dinners, Group Mentorship sessions, Podcasts, Power Reads and Live Streams.

If you are looking for a platform that provides those typically long, unengaging videos delivered by uninspiring teachers with little industry experience, then you are on the wrong website. But if you are an ambitious professional looking to succeed in today’s competitive business landscape, or if you are a people leader looking to create an impact on the balance sheet through your L&D initiatives, welcome to Tigerhall.

Nellie WartoftFounder

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