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Tigerhall introduces notification center

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We’ve introduced a notification center to make it easier to track and access what’s happening on the app. Check out your notifications under the bell icon, and change your settings via your profile section.

We’ve also implemented some changes to help you navigate and explore content more efficiently:

  • Tweaked the onboarding process to get you immersed into the app even faster.
  • A newly introduced ‘Organization’ tray provides you with an easy way to access all of the content curated by your organisation.
  • Explore a full list of Thinkfluencers by tapping on the “See All” text alongside the “Featured Thinkfluencers” section.
  • See what content is trending via the ‘Trending in your organization’ tray in the “Explore” section.
  • It’s now easier and faster to rate and provide feedback about a Power Read.

We’ve also squashed some minor performance related bugs.

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