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The Future of Learning: Embracing Innovation and Change in the Digital Age

By Brittany Gunter - Head of Marketing, US, Tigerhall

Tigerhall's Social Learning Approach

In a recent live podcast that was as enlightening as it was entertaining, Nellie Wartoft had a fascinating conversation with Danielle Campbell, SVP of Global Enablement and Education at Infor. They chatted about the future of learning and how embracing innovation and change can drive success in the digital age. Throughout their talk, they explored the importance of risk-taking, the role of technology, and the influence of younger generations in shaping new learning experiences.

Here’s our favorite key takeaways, insights, and themes:

1. Becoming a Change Maker: Danielle's Story

Danielle's career has been a whirlwind of learning adventures, and she has always been passionate about finding new ways to make information stick and guide people through a learning journey. She believes that a combination of supportive leadership, a company's willingness to embrace innovation, and the transformation of the industry has allowed her to pursue her passion for driving change in the learning and education space. It's the secret sauce that brings it all together!

2. The Role of Technology in Modern Learning

Danielle's teenage children, her own personal muses, inspired her to adopt a more forward-thinking approach to learning. Observing them using social media and platforms like YouTube to access educational content and develop new skills, Danielle saw the potential for technology to revolutionize the way people learn. It's like having an entire library and more at your fingertips!

“I became a parent and my kids started learning everything on YouTube, and I thought wow – the way they are absorbing knowledge is at lightning speed.”

"When my kids started using social media, I noticed they consumed educational content alongside silly videos. My older son delved into space exploration, while my younger son improved his basketball skills by imitating players by setting his phone up outside and trying to copy moves. This inspired me to realize that we can translate this approach for real-time business transformation, or skills acquisition from experts.” - Danielle Campbell, Infor

3. Overcoming the Fear of Failure

Driving change and innovation can be a rollercoaster ride, particularly when there is a fear of failure. However, Danielle's experience at Infor has shown her that when companies have a higher tolerance for risk-taking and encourage their employees to try new things (even if they might fail), it creates a more conducive environment for innovation. It's all about learning from those experiences and moving forward stronger than before.

“We have a philosophy within our parent company [Koch Industries] to try new things, be innovative, bring thought leadership and I thought what better opportunity than to try something new at a company with a higher tolerance for a fail-fast.” - Danielle Campbell, Infor

4. Marrying Experience with the Desire for Change

One of the key challenges Danielle has faced in her role is finding ways to bring together the experience of long-time employees with the innovative mindset of younger talent. It's like blending a fine wine with the fizz of a soda! By partnering with platforms like Tigerhall, Danielle has been able to introduce new, innovative learning experiences that help employees of all experience levels adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing industry.

5. The Importance of Great Content

Danielle can't emphasize enough the critical role of quality content in driving innovation in learning. By providing learners with access to thought leadership and real-world insights from experts in their fields, companies can foster a culture of continuous learning and development. It's like having a front-row seat to the latest trends and ideas, ready to be absorbed and applied!

“When we launched our pilot initiative, the very next day we got an email from a sales person that said I did all 90 minutes of learning on my treadmill and I said YES, this is exactly how we want it to go. It’s a fun time to experiment with these mediums and partner with Tigerhall to try a new way of learning.” - Danielle Campbell, Infor

The future of learning is undoubtedly shaped by technology, innovation, and the willingness to embrace change. As Danielle demonstrates, companies that encourage risk-taking and foster a culture of continuous learning will be well-positioned to adapt and succeed in the digital age. By drawing inspiration from younger generations and prioritizing great content, businesses can create new learning experiences that drive success for both their employees and their organization as a whole.

Listen to the full livestream.

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