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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you select thinkfluencers?

    We look at the life goals and then decide what are the trends and areas that people need to learn within this area. We proceed to do research on those areas to see who are the best people to speak on this topic. When we've found these potential thinkfluencers, we reach out to them and invite them to share their knowledge on Tigerhall. Being a thinkfluencer on Tigerhall is by invite only.

  • How do you create your content?

    All of Tigerhall's content is produced in-house. Our team of podcast producers and writers produce all the Podcasts and Power Reads you see on the app from scratch, in close collaboration with the thinkfluencers.

  • How often do people use Tigerhall?

    On average, 7-10 times per week, which is 13 times more than traditional learning and development platforms.

    We see a spike from 8.00am to 9.00am, as many Tigerhall members consume content on their way to work. There's also increased usage between Mondays and Thursdays, showing that people really see Tigerhall as going hand-in-hand with their careers and professional development.

  • Can Tigerhall be accessed via the web?

    Currently, Tigerhall is accessible only through the mobile app. A majority of our clients and users are mobile-first, and they prefer listening to a Podcast or reading a Power Read on-the-go. That said, we'll look into developing web functionality further down the product pipeline.

  • Can I integrate Tigerhall with another LMS?

    Yes. We can integrate with other platforms by:

    • Link integration – a link out from your current LMS platform to Tigerhall content
    • Content integration – Tigerhall content can be consumed within your LMS

    Link integration is highly recommended as it is fairly smooth and easy to do so. Content integration requires a longer integration time. We won't be able to provide the UI/UX experience and analytics functionally that we provide for our usual clients.

  • How many thinkfluencers, content pieces and events do you have, and how often are they updated?

    We have 500 thinkfluencers on Tigerhall, onboarding 10-15 new thinkfluencers every week from Asia-Pacific and beyond. If you have specific requirements for thinkfluencers that we don't already have on the platform, our team will find the relevant experts in those areas. It only takes about 2-6 weeks to build up our thinkfluencer pool in a certain area.

    As for content pieces, the Tigerhall library is 1000 pieces strong. We add in around 10 new content pieces every week. We host three events every week and if there's a waitlist of participants, we can always re-run them.

  • What languages does Tigerhall support?

    Currently all content in the app is in English. However, if you have a specific language requirement, we can bring in the thinkfluencers that you require to develop content in that language.


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