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Livestream: Connecting Your Solution to a CEO’s Problem

Apr 11 2022 | 37m


How do you take your solution from being just another option to an absolute must-have in a CEO’s mind? Instead of wasting their time by just talking about features, tie your solution to business outcomes the CEO truly cares about. Show clearly that you understand the root causes of the problems they’re facing, and prove that you can solve each of them one by one. Join Simon Tate, President, APAC at Adobe as he shares his tips on how to do this effectively, from striking the right tone, finding the depth of detail to go into, and asking the right mix of questions to set you up for success.

Key Questions:

  • [00:30] What do CEOs care about? What’s on their minds?

  • [2:35] Where most salespeople go wrong

  • [6:03] Once we secure the first meeting with the CEO, what’s the right balance between discovery & being respectful of their time?

  • [7:50] How many questions to ask, and if you should ask any?

  • [12:00] Do you respond to any cold outreach, if not why?

  • [14:03] Do you have a framework to break down the root causes of a problem? That helps you connect to financial returns?

  • [17:25] How do you connect your solution to the different stages of a growing business?

  • [20:00] Examples of structural vs aesthetic problems

  • [24:16] Fear vs inspiration - what to use for your customers?

  • [29:03] What tone should we use in meetings?

  • [32:10] 3 Actionable Steps to get more connected to CEO’s problems


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