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Personal Branding

Use Your Passion to Craft Your Personal Brand

Mar 09 202014m min read


If you’re at a routine nine to five, the idea of creating a leadership role for yourself can seem like a tall order. But what if you could take on a leadership role in a more personal capacity by leveraging on an interest that’s close to your heart? This is exactly what Gaurav Keerthi, Civil Servant and Founder of better.sg, an experienced leader in the nonprofit volunteer world, did: he found a way to weave his lifelong passion into meaningful work that opened doors and created new opportunities. Gaurav tells you how you, too, can build a personal brand that will get people to take notice of you as an individual, not just your job title.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • What a leadership role in a nonprofit will teach you that a leadership role in a big corporation won’t
  • Tools and mindsets to help you to authentically translate your passion into a cause that makes the world a better place
  • Why your mindset towards your goals should be less ‘Google Maps’ and more ‘Compass’


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