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Making a Career Switch

The Gig Life: How to Move From Full-Time to Freelance

Jul 22 202010m min read


Wondering whether you’re ready to give up your corporate career in favour of the gig life in India? Rukmini Giridhar, who left her full-time position as Head of Talent Management at Diageo to be a gig’er, gives you a de-romanticised picture of what it means to take the plunge into freelance work. She talks about how to assess if freelance work is for you, how to land your first gig, various misconceptions about gig workers, and the unexpected challenges you might come up against.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • How to position yourself to attract the projects you want
  • What Scope Creep is and how to effectively tackle the issue
  • Why freelance work may not give you the kind of flexibility you dream of


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