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Realistic Diets That Are Actually Good for You

Feb 14 201910m min read


With Paleo, Keto, and the million other diet plans out there, even the brightest people are left confused. One day you’re following the best diet plan and the next day you’re told that you need to do the complete opposite. If you’re overwhelmed by the unending conflicting diet trends out there, allow Dr Katrina Gallagher, an experienced Clinical Nutritionist across Singapore and America, help you filter through the noise.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

• Whether the Hunter-Gatherer Paleo diet actually works and what you need to be eating day-to-day

• Fake nutrients that are stealing your money without enriching your body

• Which organic foods you don’t need to waste your money on

• Willingly exchange your potato chips for cauliflower rice and choose healthier meals everyday


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