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Gut Instincts: Diets That Reduce Sensitivity

May 10 20199m read


Is your stomach making funny noises and leaving you feeling sluggish? Does your tummy feel uncomfortable after what felt like a healthy lunch? Your gut might just need some TLC to start working well again. Dr Katrina Gallagher, an experienced Clinical Nutritionist across Singapore and America, shows you how to turn your allergies around and reduce gut sensitivity.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • Managing your food sensitivities and allergies so that you can eat your favourite yoghurt again without visiting the toilet every time
  • Habits and lifestyle hacks to take better care of your gut so that it stops groaning in pain for the whole office to hear
  • Stop running on adrenaline because your food isn’t providing you with the fuel you need day to day
  • Why you need a diverse diet, apart from getting the right nutrients in your system


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