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Consider Your Legacy

Sep 14 20197m min read


What should you be keeping in mind when it comes to your legacy? What are the greatest destroyers of wealth that many people fail to plan for? Peter Triggs, CEO of Triggs Wealth Advisory who has had a global career in private banking, holding roles of Deputy CEO of Bank of China in Switzerland and Managing Director and Head of Wealth Planning at Citibank and DBS in Singapore, answers these questions. He explains how you can keep the benefits of asset ownership while minimising its problems, and highlights some key questions to ponder when it comes to your legacy. He also asks us to consider legacy in a broader sense, one that's beyond the purely financial aspects.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • When is the time to consider your legacy
  • When you should consider structuring part of your inheritance to your son or daughter as a loan that’s repayable on demand rather than an outright lifetime gift
  • The positive and negative impact of wealth on children


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