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When Shit Hits the Fan: PR Crisis Management

May 13 201938m listen time


What should you do when you’re faced with a public relations nightmare? Iain Twine, Vice-Chairman of Edelman, lays out a tried and tested plan of how a good PR team can turn a crisis around. He explains what can cause a PR crisis, the factors needed in a crisis plan and how to respond quickly and effectively to minimise damage and restore a company’s reputation.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

Episode 1 – The Calm Before the Storm:

  • Causes of a PR crisis
  • Scenarios you can plan for
  • Your crisis plan and what needs to be included in it

Episode 2 – What to Do When It’s All Gone Wrong:

  • Responses to have on the first day of the crisis
  • Preparing a team for high-pressure media interviews when the press is banging on your door
  • Why some businesses end up making things even worse when something bad happens

Episode 3 – Post Crisis:

  • What the tipping point of gaining back control looks like
  • The first steps to restoring a company's reputation after a scandal
  • Evaluating how a crisis has been handled when the dust has settled

Hosted by Pippa Woodhead


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