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Personal Productivity

Talented? Great! But You’ll Also Need This

Mar 15 202124m listen time


Talent alone isn’t enough for success. Warren Kennaugh, Behavioural Strategist & Performance Coach specialising in the development of elite executives and athletes, including Olympic gold medalists, says the missing ingredient for many is targeted introspection. He speaks with Simon Taufel, the former no.1 cricket umpire in the world, about how everyone (yes, you!) can reach their peak and understand when, where and how to harness their god-given abilities.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • How self-awareness can prevent you from using your talents the wrong way
  • Why Warren doesn’t believe in strengths and weaknesses, but only behaviours and contexts you can control
  • Getting a team of clashing personalities to work together (it’s not about more trust)

Hosted by Simon Taufel, former no.1 cricket umpire in the world


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