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Leadership Skills

Taking the 'Bullsh*t' Out of Leadership

Feb 20 202221m listen time


What’s the difference between a junior employee with two interns reporting to them and a CEO leading a company of 30,000 people? Not much, as far as Chris Hirst, author of No Bullsh*t Leadership, is concerned – they’re both leaders in their own right. In this podcast, Chris explains why the commonly held elitist view of leadership needs to be shed, and why leaders can be found anywhere.

Gain Insights Into:

  • A realistic view on what leadership is all about
  • How companies can generate great leaders by helping employees discover their leadership philosophy at the start of their careers
  • Why Chris is a big believer in recognising and celebrating everyday leaders and not just CEOs

Hosted by Pippa Woodhead


Thinkfluencers in this Podcast

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