Sustainability: Take Action

Sustainable Living Beyond Diet: Brands and Investments

Nov 27 202012m listen time


Why did Tesla stop using leather seating in its cars? Because activists pointed out that a company focused on sustainability shouldn’t have dead animals as part of their product. In this podcast, Vikas Garg, Founder and CEO of abillionveg outlines why sustainability is not just a trend - but rather a global movement, and why adopting a plant- based lifestyle is so much more than what you eat.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • The dirty little secret behind many of the cosmetic and beauty products we use 
  • Why so many big investment players are tuning in to sustainability
  • How to make more ethical choices in your day-to-day

Hosted by Regina Zhiyenkulova


Thinkfluencers in this Podcast

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