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Working Well With Colleagues

Speak Everyone’s Language

Jul 06 202134m listen time


If you want to be understood by everyone, you have to adapt the way you communicate. Yvonne Lim, Principal for the Singtel’s FutureNow Innovation Centre and Head of Singtel 5G Garage, shows you how to adapt, influence and build relationships to improve your communication.

Episode Overview

Episode 1 – Adapting: How do you adjust your communication style to your CEO as compared to your interns? What type of language should you use internally and externally?

Episode 2 – Influencing: How do you communicate with someone more senior than you? How do you get buy-ins for your ideas? What can you do to keep your emotions out of your communication?  

Episode 3 – Building Relationships: What can you do to deepen relationships? How do you build rapport with senior people? How do you structure an email effectively?

Hosted by Nellie Wartoft


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