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Creativity in Marketing

Simplifying Creative Marketing Ideas

Nov 07 201919m listen time


So you have a great product and big ideas but how do you communicate them clearly without losing your audience? How do you simplify your complex creative ideas without falling into the trap of oversimplifying them? Anton Reyniers, Head of Partner Marketing Creative APAC at Netflix, answers these questions and highlights tools you can use in the process.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • Simplifying complex ideas, value propositions and technical jargon while marketing a product
  • Where to draw the line when you’re distilling information to your audience
  • Some common mistakes that creative advertisers make when simplifying their ideas
  • A tool that can help you to understand your customer’s reaction
  • Three things to do if you want to simplify a complex idea for advertising

Hosted by Prachi Panda


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