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Making a Career Switch

Responding Well to Counter Offers From Your Boss

Jun 19 201913m listen time


You were halfway out the door at your current company but they presented you with a counter offer that you didn’t prepare for. What do you do? Kirsty Poltock, Director at Page Personnel Singapore, shows you how to respond to counter offers, highlights what you need to consider and gives you a framework to use for your decision making process.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • Deciding between taking up a counter offer from your current organisation or sticking to your original plan of leaving your job
  • What it actually means when your boss gives you a counter offer
  • Why 75% of people look out in the market again within six months of accepting a counter offer
  • Assessing the feasibility of your boss offering you a counter offer with a promotion and career promises, and the likelihood of it happening

Hosted by Nellie Wartoft


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