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Respectfully Leading People Older Than You

Jun 29 202013m listen time


A twenty-something woman stands at the back of a conference room. Multiple older men approach her and, mistaking her for an assistant, ask her for coffee or directions to the bathroom. This young woman was Amelia Green. She wasn’t an assistant - she was getting ready to give a presentation about diversity and inclusion - and opened by calling out the men on their age bias towards her. She talks you through her experience leading teams of people older than herself, and how she earned her seat at the table with respect, not defiance.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • How to earn respect and credibility with older colleagues
  • Why you must be wary of the hubris of youth and take every opportunity to learn
  • How to build yourself into a conversation in a way that is gentle and not confrontational

Hosted by Nadia JH


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