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Powerpoint Presentations to Get What You Want

Sep 28 201917m listen time


Everyone can present but not everyone does it well. Your powerpoint should ensure that you get what you want and Anser Aly, Senior Global Marketing Manager at Unilever, shows you how. Anser explains how you can grab the attention of your audience, structure your presentations and lets you in on his ideal split between visuals vs. text in a presentation.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

Episode 1 - All Things Powerpoint:

  • How much the small things like colors, font, and photo quality matter
  • When and where you should place the "what you want out of it" part
  • Tools that can be used in Powerpoint slides to capture the attention of the audience and to keep them engaged

Episode 2 - Delivering Well:

  • The things that people feel are great to do when it comes to delivery, but are actually bad
  • The importance of pauses and when the pauses should ideally be placed
  • Whether the slides should be shared ahead of time with the people you are presenting to

Hosted by Prachi Panda


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