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Balancing Personal & Professional Life

Power Couple: Working With Your Spouse

May 15 202016m listen time


Bettina and Michael von Schlippe have been a couple for 30 years, but they also have a successful working relationship. Bettina is publisher of Vogue Singapore, which sits under Indochine Media, where Michael is President - making Michael her boss. In this podcast they describe the many benefits and challenges to balancing their high powered careers with their marriage. Spoiler alert: they’re an adorable couple.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • Michael and Bettina’s recipe for a successful relationship both inside and outside of work
  • Their evening routine of listening to music which stops them from talking about work before bed
  • Advice for other couples working together

Hosted by Pippa Woodhead


Thinkfluencers in this Podcast

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