Managing Change and Business Transformation

Pass the Baton: Smooth Leadership Transitions

Jun 04 201935m listen time


How do you introduce a new leader to your company and make sure that the transition is smooth? With new leaders causing valuable employees to resign and leave businesses in a mess, it’s vital to handle this transition with care. Allow Noor Quek, CEO of NQ International, to help you to navigate your succession planning and execution with ease.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

Episode 1 - Selecting the Right Successor:

  • If you should be promoting the top performing staff even if they aren’t ready to be leaders
  • What you should do when the person you promoted isn't performing well in the new role

Episode 2 - Communicating the Change in Leadership:

  • Introducing a new leader so that they are well received by your existing staff
  • The why for including a picture in the press release of the new leader
  • Managing transitions between generations in a family business

Episode 3 - Handling the Leadership Transition:

  • What you should do to prepare for a new leader coming on board
  • The involvement of the current leader when they are about to leave the organisation
  • Preparing your team for a new leader and making it a smooth transition

Hosted by Nellie Wartoft


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