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Sales Skills

Managing Internal Stakeholders for Sales Success

Feb 25 202114m listen time


Behind every successful sales professional is a supportive team – from their manager to a network of cross-functional and cross-regional partners. Mac Witmer, Strategic Account Manager at Stripe for SEA & HK speaks with her former manager Satya Tammareddy, Head of Sales for SEA & HK at Stripe, on how you can nurture strong internal relationships, and why doing so is as important as hunting deals in sales.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • How to avoid getting micromanaged – it’s all about communication (and some admin)
  • Why you should immediately break bad news about a sales deal to your manager
  • Getting started on building a network that spans other departments and even regions

Hosted by Mac Witmer, Strategic Account Manager, SEA & HK at Stripe


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