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How to Recruit the Best Talent That Sticks Around (A 3-Part Podcast)

May 07 201959m listen time


What can you do to attract and recruit the best people for your team? What are some actionable steps you can take to effectively bring in the right people for the job? James Walton gives you actionable insights on how to plan, source, attract and recruit more efficiently while building a stellar team.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

Episode 1 - Planning and Sourcing:

  • What to prioritise during recruitment
  • How you can structure your team
  • Where you can find the right talent

Episode 2 - Attracting the Right People:

  • What draws in the right candidates
  • Managing expectations
  • Ensuring a good culture fit

Episode 3 - The Recruitment Process:

  • What the recruitment process looks like
  • What the candidate should have prepared
  • What you should look out for in a candidate and how you can assess their answers to determine if they will be a good fit

Hosted by Nellie Wartoft


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