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Personal Productivity

Fuel Your Brain: Unlock the Power of Learning

Feb 19 202017m listen time


When all people want to do at the end of a workday is go home and mindlessly watch Netflix - how can we remind them that learning can be enormously satisfying and fun? Grace Yip urges you to focus on things you find interesting - whatever that may be - and find time to learn more about it. She likens not making the effort to learn to not put fertilizer on a plant. You (and the plant) will be unstoppable with the fertilizer.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • How Grace structures a personal bi-yearly learning plan
  • The growth mindset you need to be a curious learner
  • Repurposing “deadweight time” in your day to squeeze in learning opportunities
  • Why so many L&D programs are boring and what HR professionals can do to engage staff
  • The neuroscience behind how we learn

Hosted by Pippa Woodhead


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