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Developing Teams

From London to Bombay: Leading Dispersed Teams

May 17 201921m listen time


When you can’t see your team physically, how do you lead them well? In today’s working world where teams are geographically dispersed, you need to know how to bring out the best in them to meet your company’s bottom line. Joey Tan, Head of Global Strategic Initiatives at Alibaba, shows you how to facilitate communication, handle conflicts and develop team dynamics even if your team is halfway across the globe.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

Episode 1 –Tackling Communication:

  • Managing productivity and performance, given the limited visibility
  • Deciphering what should be done in person and what can be done remotely
  • Facilitating communication within your team members who are so geographically dispersed, and how you can go about handling conflicts

Episode 2 –The Cultural Aspect:

  • Embracing the differences in culture vs. going for a consistent global culture across the offices
  • Understanding team dynamics and the effectiveness of off-sites or team bonding exercises
  • Three actionable steps anyone who is managing a geographically dispersed team can take within the next 24 hours

Hosted by Prachi Panda


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