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Personal Productivity

Could Life Coaching Help You be the Best?

Feb 19 202115m listen time


Is your nine-to-five job sucking the life out of you? Do you feel you’re not reaching your potential? If so, life coaching might be just what you need. Russell Trotter is a former Australian Rugby Match Officials Manager turned life coach, who works with major sports organisations such as the National Australian Referees Panel, as well as numerous sporting icons, including Simon Taufel, previously the no.1 cricket umpire in the world. In this podcast, Simon and Russell discuss the tools life coaching can arm you with to overcome your barriers and perform at your peak.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • The benefits of working with a life coach
  • How you can make the most out of coaching sessions
  • The tools and strategies that coaches use to motivate a coachee

Hosted by Simon Taufel, former no.1 cricket umpire in the world


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