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Coaching the Whole Person, Not Only the Employee

Jul 06 202113m listen time


Bob Shennett, International Leader, China at Apple, used to have a very top-down approach to leadership, and then, he made a 180-degree change to develop a coaching style. He speaks with Alice Lopin, Former Retail Store Leader at Apple, about his personal journey in coaching – where he realised why coaching isn’t just about developing your top talent to hit bigger and better KPIs, but helping them become better people in life.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • Tips to keep in mind when transitioning to a coaching leadership style
  • Bob’s advice for coaching the whole person and not just the employee
  • How you can get to know your employees better as people by uncovering their true motivations

Hosted by Alice Lopin, Former Retail Store Leader, Apple


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