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Can Singapore’s CPF Be Useful?

Jul 20 201920m listen time


We’ve heard the complaints of Singapore’s Central Provident Fund (CPF) draining away the income of Singaporeans, but could it be a powerful investment tool? Michele Ferrario, CEO of StashAway, believes that investing should be as exciting as watching grass grow or watching paint dry. If it’s too exciting, you might be distracted by volatile short-term gains. He explains how you can use CPF and other tools to plan for the future if you earn SGD 5k a month or more.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

  • The CPF structure and how it's different from other pension systems
  • Some ways to handle your CPF planning
  • What the Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) is all about
  • Other options you can consider if you don't want to invest in the SRS
  • Three steps to take in 24 hours to start maximising your retirement investment

Hosted by Regina Zhiyenkulova


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