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Managing Change and Business Transformation

Big Change Ahead: Getting Your Team Onboard

Aug 08 201921m listen time


People often resist change as if their lives depended on it. How do you get them onboard when your organisation is in the midst of a crucial change? Johnny Ladouce, ex-CIO of CA Technologies, gives you insights on the different tactics to get people excited about the change, common mistakes that many make in the process and how to identify and tailor to each person’s persona.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

Episode 1 - Adapting to Personas:

  • The different kinds of personas in an organisation when it comes to accepting change
  • How you, as a leader, can identify what kind of persona and which stage a person is at
  • The common mistakes that people make when getting others onboard

Episode 2 - Tactics to Overcome:

  • Implementing organisational change using champions and different personas
  • Leveraging on user shadowing for implementing organisational change
  • The different ways that you can make it compelling for people within an organisation to embrace change

Hosted by Prachi Panda


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