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B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing Strategy That Stands Out

May 21 201951m listen time


How do you balance brand awareness campaigns with generating demand for sales? How do you get buy-in from senior leaderships for doing brand campaigns? Sandeep Pal, Regional VP of Marketing at Citrix, uses his 25 years of experience leading sales and marketing to help you develop and execute competitive B2B marketing strategies.

Gain Actionable Insights Into:

Episode 1 - Definition of Strategy:

  • What a strategy is
  • Defining marketing strategy
  • The differences between objectives and goals

Episode 2 - Developing a Competitive Strategy:

  • The process of developing a marketing strategy
  • Balancing between demand for sales and brand campaigns
  • Leveraging on emotions in B2B marketing
  • Briefing creative teams to get the outcomes you need in the fastest possible time

Episode 3 – Analysing the Data:

  • Measuring ROI and the best way to arrive at the ROI you need
  • The best way to describe your ROI to senior leadership
  • The most successful campaigns that Sandeep has launched

Hosted by Nellie Wartoft


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