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Personal Branding

A (Helpful) Rant About CV Writing

Jul 02 202017m listen time


Welcome to the ultimate short guide to writing a brilliant CV, with Nellie Wartoft, founder and CEO of Tigerhall. Nellie has seen hundreds of silly mistakes on resumes; both in her earlier career as a top-billing recruiter and more recently while growing the Tigerhall team - often from highly qualified candidates who would see more success with a few simple tweaks. Listen to her share seven of the most common blunders that put people instantly on the ‘no’ pile, and alternatives that will get you on the path to landing your dream job.

Nellie Explains:

  • Specific examples of things to avoid in your CV and what to write instead
  • The crucial information you should include at the top of the page
  • Which hobbies will make you stand out from the crowd - and which you should never share
  • The ideal length, how many bullet points for each position, and the age old question - to photo, or not to photo?
  • What no recruiter needs to see. Ever.
  • How to get your CV reviewed by Nellie


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