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Sam Bradley | John Meakin | Saul Burrows

Livestream: Key Elements of Successful Product Experimentation

Feb 8, 2024 | 23:00-23:30 UTC

Anyone in the product world knows that there's no real "end" to development – it's an ongoing journey of learning, experimenting, iterating, and optimizing. Indeed experimentation is the basis upon which great products are built: you look at how your customers are using your product and constantly work towards improving their experience. In this livestream, join Sam Bradley, Director of Product at PayPal, and John Meakin, Senior Staff Data Scientist at Meta, as they unpack their unique perspectives on and approaches to product experimentation. Discover when you should run experiments, the elements of a successful experiment, how to measure impact, and how to get stakeholders across the organization on board.

What You Can Expect:

  • Actionable insights from both data science and product lenses on experimentation best practices
  • The tension between these two disciplines and how to navigate this 
  • Use the chat function to get your questions answered in real time


Sam Bradley

Director of Product Management



John Meakin

Senior Staff Data Scientist



Saul Burrows

Head of Product




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