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Livestream: Get Out of a Career Plateau With Your Next Play

Jun 12, 2024 | 09:00-09:30 UTC

If you’re a professional feeling unfulfilled at work or finding yourself in a bit of a career plateau, this livestream is for you. Frank Koo, Founder & Director of Nextplay, and Former Head of Asia – Talent and Learning Solutions at LinkedIn, joins us to share his "Nextplay" framework for transforming that feeling of being stuck to one of curiosity and adventure. Frank believes the key to getting unstuck is approaching work with a growth mindset, continually learning and evolving to find opportunities within the organization that are aligned with your values and strengths. In this livestream, Frank will share his Nextplay methodology to help you identify your goals and strengths, tapping into what really drives you, and ultimately charting a meaningful next chapter. He'll dive into making work feel more like play and embracing change with resourcefulness and joy as your career evolves.

What You Can Expect:

  • A live discussion with Frank on how to craft your Next Play to reinvigorate your career
  • Explore the steps in Frank’s framework to help you get started
  • Use the chat function to get your questions answered in real time


Frank Koo

Head of Asia, Talent & Learning Solutions




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