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Business Transformation

When “Business as Usual” Isn’t an Option: Not Just Another Boring Change Webinar

Sep 16 202004:00 - 05:00ConferenceZoom
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Since COVID-19 struck, businesses have had to adapt to constantly changing circumstances, and fast. With drastic changes in market dynamics, consumer behavior, falling revenue, and major disruptions to supply chains, the sheer magnitude of uncertainty has got leaders asking – how do we come out of this stronger?

We’re gathering some of the most experienced minds in the region for an in-depth chat on how leaders can adapt to the pressure of these big changes. The stellar lineup for this virtual showdown will include:

  • Yew Heng Lim, Regional Head of Public Affairs at Grab

  • Amelia Green, MD at AlixPartners, and former Chief Digital Officer at PwC

  • Moderator: Nellie Wartoft, CEO of Tigerhall

What You Can Expect

  • Access to our panelists unfiltered thoughts on what lies ahead
  • Submit your questions via chat - the most interesting questions will get put to the panel!
  • Grab a drink and join us virtually (link will be sent via email)

September 16th - 12pm



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