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Secrets of a Great Presentation

Aug 29 201911:00 - 01:00Small Group Session
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It's time to get your audience off their smartphones and looking at you! Bring your laptop, a slide or two you want help with, and allow Sarah Burnett, Director of Visual Intelligence at Standard Chartered Bank, to show you how to distil your message into concise and attractive visuals that will captivate the room. She'll also share how to build a story and sense of suspense with your slide deck (even with dry subject matter) and tricks to engage the audience if they're looking bored.

Gain Actionable Insights To:

• Think like a designer so that your presentation can capture the attention of the audience

• How to present a lot of complex data in a visually pleasing manner

• Which slides you should never include (despite them being a common feature in presentations)

29th August 2019 at 7pm

WeWork, Level 5

109 North Bridge Road

Singapore 179097


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