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Personal Productivity

Power Breakfast: Starting the Year Right

Jan 09 202012:00 - 02:00Small Group SessionWeWork Funan
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How do you start the year right and make sure it's productive and fruitful? Join our Power Breakfast where we'll share some tips and we even have a segment where we'll implement these tips on the spot while doing work. This session is limited to eight people, fastest tigers first!

What to Expect:

8.00am – Everyone grabs complimentary tea, coffee and pastries for their work station. Productivity tips to start the year right will be shared for 15 minutes.

8.15am – Work begins and there will be no conversations at this time. You are encouraged to apply the tips provided and are advised to keep your phones aside unless it is needed for work.

10.00am – You would have had a productive start to the year. After this, everybody gets a well-deserved break and can chat over another cup of coffee.


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